The Quality of Teak

When buying teak furniture it is important to know the quality of the wood used to make that furniture as it can make a significant difference over time. Teak wood is known to contain natural oil which helps to keep it looking good and also helps to preserve it and so the quality of that wood is determined by the amount of this oil it can be expected to contain. The oil is produced by the tree to help preserve its wood whilst the tree is alive but that same oil also protects the wood even after it has been cut from the tree. The older the tree is when the wood is cut from it, the higher the concentration of oil in that wood can be expected. Also as the tree concentrates most of the oil in its ‘heart’, the center of the tree, wood from the tree’s center, known as heartwood, can be expected to have a higher concentration of oil than woodcut from the tree’s outer layers.

Teak which is heartwood and from a mature tree, perhaps 20 years old or older, is said to be Group A teak and is the highest quality teak available for furniture making. Teak which is heartwood from a younger tree is said to be group B teak and whilst not being of as high quality as Group A teak, can still be expected to have a higher concentration of oil than Group C teak which would have been cut from the outer layers of the tree. When buying teak furniture a buyer should, therefore, look at the Group the teak used for the furniture is in and buy accordingly. It is, of course, reasonable to expect the higher quality teak to cost more than the teak of lesser quality but as teak furniture, made with high-quality teak can be expected to last a lifetime, many think that any extra expense is worth it.

Apart from looking good and remaining so, teak furniture is very popular due to it needing minimal maintenance due to its concentration of oil. Although some people opt to use teak oil on their teak furniture, if the teak is of high quality it is not really necessary and certainly should not be used on outside furniture as then it could do more harm than good. All any teak furniture really needs in order to last and look good, is to be brushed with soapy water with a soft brush. This is of course far easier than the polishing many of the other woods used for furniture need on a regular basis.

Although there are different types of furniture designed for different rooms in a house as well as some for outside the house, teak is often used for many of these different types but is particularly popular as outdoor furniture, probably due to its natural protection offered by its concentration of oil. Although teak furniture has always been popular, its popularity continues to grow.

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