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Vehicle Wraps

Instead of vehicles being painted with an advertisement, today there are vinyl wraps which are placed on the vehicle which look similar to the vehicle being painted but are removable. Graphios is one company that deals with these wraps and like other wraps, Graphios wraps can be just as colorful as painted lettering, logos or other graphics and so are just as easy to catch the eye of potential customers.

There is not just one type of vinyl wrap as several have been developed for specific uses. One type of vinyl has been specifically designed for use on the bodywork of vehicles and so will not cause damage when removed. Another type has been developed for use on glass and so is ideal for advertisements placed on the windows of shops and stores. Some of these vinyl wraps for glass have gone one step further than offering only what painted glass could offer and that is by having perforations. What these perforations do is allow an advertisement to be placed on one side and yet still allow the glass to be seen through from the other. This has not just been proven useful in allowing shoppers to still be able to look out on to the street despite there being advertisements in the windows but has also proven very useful in allowing advertisements to be placed on the windows of vehicles without impeding a driver’s vision.

Marketing strategies today, in this age of the internet are rapidly changing with a great deal of advertising now taking place online but the trouble with that type of advertising is where exactly online to place that advertising. There are literally millions of different websites online and if you place your advertisement on one which is never looked at, you are just wasting your money but although people are spending an increasing number of hours online, they do still spend time offline and those are the times when traditional advertising can still work just as effectively as before, ensuring you get value for your marketing dollar. The fact that vinyl can now be removed and placed somewhere else at whim, means that they provide better value for money than actual painting ever could and they are far more versatile than a painting and yet just as colorful and eye-catching.

It is no secret that vinyl is becoming the most effective traditional marketing tool but so far not as many businesses have become aware of its effectiveness yet and so it will become increasingly more popular as those businesses to become aware of its potential. Although all vinyl is fairly easy to remove and place elsewhere, some have been developed to be even easier and are therefore promoted as being temporary vinyl as opposed to permanent vinyl but either type is capable of lasting several years whether moved or not. This is a claim which could never be matched by paper advertisements and rarely is evenly matched by painted advertisements which often fade due to weather conditions.

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